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Isle of Wight Vegetarians & Vegans are supporters of HIPPO

The function of HIPPO is to encourage and facilitate the use of plant protein foods instead of animal foods. It helps poor communities to produce their own food and to be self-sufficient. The importance of these aims will be readily understood by those who know how wasteful it is to use land and water resources to keep livestock when people could eat plant food direct.

To use only or mainly plant proteins makes sound sense ecologically and is also kinder to animals, but HIPPO is just as keen to emphasise the potential health, hygiene and economic benefits for the people who adopt such a life-style.

HIPPO is developing strong links with individuals and organisations in several African countries, busy providing advice and assistance in the production and supply of foods, especially soya foods (non-GMO of course!) for some of the poorest people in the world. HIPPO is also contributing funds to an orphanage in Kenya where the children are being raised as vegan.

HIPPO will be delighted to send further information to potential supporters.

Please contact: HIPPO, The Old Vicarage, Llangynog, Carmarthen SA33 5BS.


Please print off and use the HIPPO donation form (click here) thanks!


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