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Isle of Wight Vegetarians & Vegans does not have a formal membership or subscription system – instead, everyone is welcome to attend our social events and meetings and to become involved in other activities we organise together to promote vegetarian and vegan living. To be kept updated with IWVV news, events, meetings and campaigns, please register for the email IWVV Update by emailing “Register for IWVV Update” to

Please write down and use the email address shown above (sorry that this is not a direct link or text that you can copy – this helps to avoid spam e-mails).

If you subscribe, due to data regulations and for your information, we need to advise you that the data we will hold for you will comprise: 

·       Your name.

·       Your current email address.

·       The date you were added to the mailing list. 

This information will be held in a document on a secondary hard drive which is protected from online intrusion by standard internet security, anti-virus and anti-malware programmes.

Your email address will never be disclosed or shared by IWVV to anyone. Unless it is a 1-to-1 direct personal email from IWVV to you, emails are sent BCC in group messages (BCC = blind copies, so email addresses are not shown).

Your email address will be used to send you the pdf copy of the IWVV Update newsletter, and occasional emails to share event information or news of relevant associated activities.

You will be able to end your registration at any time by contacting IWVV at the above email address.

Alternatively, for those without email access, a paper copy of the IWVV Update can be sent to you if you provide us with stamped, self-addressed envelopes (any number, we will remind you when the last one is used). Please send s.a.e’s carrying unpriced stamps (i.e. those just marked 1st or 2nd class, but without a price value shown), to
IWVV Update, c/o
Manor Lodge, Rectory Road, Shanklin, Isle of Wight PO37 6NX

Or just save the IWVV website in your Favourites or Bookmarks list and visit regularly!

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